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World Leaders - B Game 1

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1World Leaders - B Game 1 Empty World Leaders - B Game 1 on Fri Apr 24, 2015 4:43 am


World Leaders – Current time period.

In the year 2015, all the nations of the world agreed to a resolution that would do away with all weapons. Down to every last pistol, to every last tank. NATO, and the EU disbanded. They were no longer needed. World peace was achieved. Was. A year later, a terrorist group, calling themselves the Shuda, smithed their own guns and launched attacks on all nations of the world. This act shook the resolution to its core. Many nations began to pull out. Including world powers such as Canada and North Korea. The only treaties and agreement that would remain in place is the ones made without the intervention of the UN. (The Geneva Convention is mutually agreed to stay in place.)

Some nations have begun to rearm themselves. Either to conquer the world or defend from foreign powers. In doing this, they sparked paranoia out of their neighbors, starting an arms race.

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