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Dual Awakening

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A small piece of parchment has keep twelve royal families from openly warring each other for centuries. With the treaty in the possession of the VanderHill family, it's only a matter of time before they figure out how to burn it. When that happens, nothing will hold the families back from unleashing hell upon each other. Until that happens...Well. We'll see what happens.

Playable groups:

The twelve families, pick one and I will give you their specs. (Military strength, location, boosts and debuffs.)

Remba Tej Ustel EstouQ
Reprosl Spale Ybut Tema
Lensane VanderHill Etitur(Custom) Htenna(Custom)


The Wanderers

Each family is headed by an Arch-Duke and duchess. You can choose to be him, his child, a brother, etc. just ask the different ways. You will need to create a history for the family, how they got their names and why they're in power. Additionally, you'll need to give how the current Arch came to power (And how you fit in if you choose not to be him/her.)

Be sure to ask lots of questions. I know a lot about them, I just can't put it all to paper. Each family has buffs and debuffs that are not listed. Other than that, I'll give you full creative control over them.

Game start:

You begin with your history, rise to power and listing of your family. You rule your domain from a palace on your home world, describe it and tell us what boost it provides.

You begin the game with one company and 1B dollars which can be spent on virtually anything. You make money each turn. Just be sure you can pay for everything you do.

This game, war, movements and tech are a little different. Mershiars are basically super power humans that can fight on the front lines or act as spy units.

Armies will be given out after your 10th post, custom people, your 15th.

Anything else, just ask. I will not be playing in this one.

Game events:

Olympics (5T)

Planetary business ventures:

(Feel free to add/Make up.)


Faniron Jets - Space craft
Garza industries - (Like lockheed)
Habdala Ships - Ship designer/builder
Marstar R&D - Research firm.


There's the Navy (space) (Coast guard for water fleets)

Soldiers for ground warfare, Marines for space.

The Mershiar are your special forces. Ask for details.

The ships for this game are:

Dreadnought - a large, heavily armored, but slow moving, warship armed with at least three rail guns but no more than seven.

• Carriers - A lightly armed, heavily shielded warship. It's main purpose is to move large numbers of naval aircraft and to deploy them while being able to repair them in the heat of battle.

• Cruisers - Are missile warships designed to defend against enemy missiles, ships and jets and be able to attack designated targets.

• Frigates - Are heavily armed ships designed for escort duties.

• Destroyers - Are small, lightly armed but highly maneuverable ships. They have rapid fire bolt guns to quickly take out jets and to drain the shields of other ships.

• Corvettes - Assault ships designed to move troops in and out of hot zones.

• Logistics - Ships designed to provide medical/scouting/refueling support.

• Space station - Military facilities that orbit around a planet or in dead space. These stations prevent enemy fleets from snooping around and provides communication and logistical support.

• Space port - Civilian facilities designed to house large numbers of people for rest or refueling/repairs.

• Satellites - Large orbiting structures used for long range communications, offensive and defensive and tugging support.

• Shipyards - Are facilities that plan, develop and design fighter jets or ships.

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