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How to play - WL

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1How to play - WL Empty How to play - WL on Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:34 pm


Hello and welcome to this guide on how to play! In this guide, I will go over the basic functions of the game and a little strategy.

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The start

The game will begin after all starting players have given an acceptance speech for becoming the next leader of the country of their choice. In the speech, include the history of nation and how you came to power. In this speech, you can outline your goals, how your foreign policy will be and your starting bonus. After that, you must tackle the world as a leader. Will you be a peaceful ruler? Or tyrant? Only you know.

*Some of your actions will be welcomed by your people, some will be hated. Follow your initial post and you'll be fine.

Starting post

History/speech: Self-Explanatory
Country name: No-Name
Capital: No-Name city
Two major cities: No-Name1 and No-Name2
4 minor: Nono, Ohno, Ohnono and Hellnono
Bonus: Examples of starting bonus: (Must be specific.)

Naval - Best destroyers, Carriers, ETC.
Army - Special forces, Tanks, Infantry, engineers, snipers, ETC.
Air force - Fighters, bombers, ETC>
Scientific/Cultural/Any addition that would benefit your country.

*Please do some research on your country and pick out five resources that your country has that you would export to other countries. And list five your country needs to import. (Also, not what your country is known for.)

*If you fail to mention a trade item and you want to export it, you can’t. You can use it for internal use, but, not external.

*All IRL treaties apply unless broken off in the game.
*A designated War master (WM) can war for the GM.

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General info

Don’t talk vague, or, “In general.” You must be exactly precise or the Game Masters will call you on your plays. Here are a few examples:

"Missile defense system finished being researched."

Alright. So, you researched it and you want to start using it? Ok. Build one. Ok, you built one? Where is it installed at?

“2K troops training” Yeah? Where are you training them? After they finish training, where will they be stationed at?

If in doubt, ask a GM in PM. He can better explain so you don’t have to go through the whole “Invalid" process and spamming the game.

Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Taiwan and Kenya.

Random events

Weather, NPC countries, PMC and terrorist organizations can and will do anything. They are controlled by the GM.
Posting rules

Let five countries post the format BEFORE you post again. GM post, questions, game dialogue does not go towards this. Your post will be made invalid by a GM. If you forgot to add that you were building something or doing something in your main post, too bad! If you edit your post without the approval of a GM, it will be made invalid.
Regular game play post:

•Country name –
•Political – This is where you are allowed to talk through various diplomatic channels
@World, mass broadcast.

@Alliance, only those in an alliance with this country can see and respond.
@Countries, only these countries can see and respond.
@Gm, to the GM only.

•Research –
All research has a minimum of five turns. Once you start researching it, it is yours to use only. And no one can recopy it unless you give it out.
*Recopying takes 4T

•Building –
You are allowed to build two major buildings in each of your major cities.
College – Faster research shaves .5 off research.
Army recruitment center – Increases troop recruitment number by 2K
Army training center – Shorter training turns. (.5)
Vehicle plant: Quicker building turns  for vehicles (.5)
Nuclear power plant – Lessens the dependency on oil
Armory – Storage of weapons

The bottom line for troop recruitment is 20K diversified. That means you can't build 19K infantrymen and 500 airmen/sailors
The bottom line for vehicle and aircraft is 25.
If you have the right tech, you can train your armies in different styles of warfare.

It takes 3T to train troops/Vehicles/Planes.
It takes 5T to build ships of threes. If you want to build the entire group, 10T.

Gur, desert, Urban, open. Etc.
-(Secret move)-
Seen by all, but, cannot be acted on until five turns later. This is meant for PASSIVE USE.


Here you must list ALL of your armed forces/Land owned/Research already under your belt

Total men in armed and national forces -

Alliances can be formed throughout the game. It takes four countries to make one and three to maintain one. Alliances must have a name they go by and a central HQ where they will meet. The alliance members can decide who does what within the alliance.

One country can be the Grand secretary – Leader

Or the War general – Commander of all forces during alliance war

Or the High Representative – Rep for all diplomatic relations

Alliances may set up co-military bases.

*There must be a minimum of twelve active players for an alliance to be possible.

Treaties are systems out in place between two countries or alliances. These treaties with real advantages and disadvantages. Let's say Japan was growing an army, but needs resources. You're running China, and don't feel comfortable with them growing a military. You propose this treaty:

Japan and China exchange 5000 units of steel of month to Japan, on the agreement that Japan removes their military, and ceases to train any further militia.

Japan has the option to accept or decline a treaty.

If a treaty is broken, it becomes null and void for both sides.

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Attacking an NPC country has three different outcomes:
1. Surrender/Merger
2. Rejection/Revise
3. War

The NPC will have a base number of troops.


You cannot just sail your ship to any part of the world in one turn. If you are in NA and you want to sail to Japan, that's 2T.
NA to SA - 1T
Europe to africa - 1 or 2T
*This goes for in and out of war.

Declaration state:

In this state, one nation declares war against another. The attacking nation must give a reason and a chance to surrender. If you don't, mass rioting will happen in your country. You must wait for the declared on nation to respond. During that period, you can still build/Research/Etc. You can sail ships towards the enemy nation. You just cannot harm or damage them in anyway until they respond. Once they declare war back, the next state begins.

State of War:

Wage war sensibly.

In war mode, it is like a 1v1. You must wait for your enemy to reply. You get three attacks on your opponent per turn and your opponent has the chance to deflect two of them. It's a pick your poison kind of thing. (These do not stack. You must come up with a sound reason for why the hit does not land. *GM have the ability to change the losses/Actions.) You are able to launch air strikes on important buildings and items your enemy posses. to cause them slower growth after war.

The attacks go as followed:

One passive
Two offensive


Poland VS Germany


20 Panzer tanks roll across the polish border. (Passive)

Air strikes are launched towards the city of Lublin and prepare to bomb it. (Offensive)

1k troops march into the polish/German border(passive)


Landmines in the area go off, blowing up all of the tanks.

Missile defense system deflects the wave of aircrafts.

The troops, although meeting medium resistance, push through.(Poison picked)

The one thing you need to do is be so descriptive that the GM's can't invalid anything you do.

-Alliance wars:-

If an alliance declares war on another alliance, then only the two generals of the alliance may wage the war.

Each alliance nation must tell the general what they are sending for the war effort.

*Ireland is a good bit away from the USA. If you were the USA, you have would have to sail your navy to Ireland to land troops.
*Keep a running count of EVERYTHING you have done in war. And your losses.
* Attacker moves first, defender has the ability to swat away attacks. Then the defender moves.
* To win a war, you must either reduce the enemy forces to 1/4 there size and hold the capitol city.
*IF you have a missile system like the iron dome defense in place, any incoming missiles are automatically deflected. No war move needed.

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Army -

130.6K In the army.

Fort Pila - 60K - 1k Personnel - 20 tanks - 5 LAVS – Mobilized (List whether mobilized or not)
Fort Tila - 55K - 1k Personnel - 20 tanks - 5 LAVS – Mobilized (List whether mobilized or not)

Fort Worth - 20K - 1k Personnel 50 tanks 5 LAVS – Mobilized (List whether mobilized or not)

List where any additional army units are stationed.
(10K armed regular troops are stationed near Brazil.) Fortified or not?

Navy -

83K Personnel

Six carrier fleets. (1 carrier, five destroyers, two troop transport [10K each)

1s based in port Herm. (Pacific) - Arrives in Brazilian waters
2nd based in Vancruez (Atlantic) - Engaging Madagascar
3rd based in Israel (Near India) - Engaging Israel
4th based off the coast of France - Ordered to secure TAC - 2T
5th will be based in Los Angelos (Pacific) - Ordered to go to turn around and aid the Madagascar campaign.
6th will be based in NYC. - Arrives in Brazilian waters
One submarine (Port Hern.) - Ordered out to sea.
One rocket ship (Barcelona.) - Engaging Israel

Air force -

25K pilots

Airfield near Mexico City and in the Mexican mountains. - 200 Swedish mock 10 jets - On call
Anderson AFB - California - 50 planes are here. - On call
Israel - 95 planes are stuck here. - 75 are ordered to launch.
Israel - 12 mock 12 jets are stuck here. - On call


600 SF - Headquartered in Mexican mountain bunker.

65 - Unused tanks



All of Central America.
Colombia and Venezuela.


Iron dome defense system. Off/Def missile tech. Light bending stealth tech (With UPCA). Advanced armoring (For tanks, aircraft, and ships.) Advanced aircraft carriers. Space defense tech. (Undeveloped.)[/center]

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Tech tree

Regular players cannot make game killer technology.

-Naval Technology-

Required to get started

Choose one of the following to further develop after Naval Technology has been researched


Stealth -

Ship frame work - Larger ships able to carry more planes and personnel.

Destroyers: Research

Stealth -

Ship frame work - Able to make larger ships able to carry more missiles and personnel.

Rocket Ships: Research

Stealth -

Ship frame work - Able to make larger ships able to carry more missiles and personnel.

Cruisers: Research

Stealth -

Ship Frame work - Able to make larger ships able to carry more missiles and personnel.

Vehicle Transport:

Stealth -

Ship Frame work - Able to make larger ships able to carry more vehicles

Troop transports:

Stealth -

Ship Frame work - Able to make larger ships able to carry more personnel.


Air force

Fighter Jets advances/research

Fighter Jets:

Speed Tree
All Starting:
150 m/s (miles per second)

Research: Speed
1 turn: Mach 1 (304 m/s)
2 turns: Mach 2 (608 m/s)
3 turns: Mach 3 (912 m/s)
3 turns: Mach 4 (1216 m/s)
3 turns: Mach 5 (1520 m/s)
^4 turns: Space bound (can fly into space)

Starting: 4 TOF (turns of fuel)
Mach 1: 4 TOF
Mach 2: 4 TOF
Mach 3: 3 TOF
Mach 4: 3 TOF
Mach 5: 2 TOF
^ Space Bound: 2 TOF

Fuel research
Starting: N/A
Mach 1: N/A
Mach 2 - 5 & Space Bound: add 1 turn to add 1 TOF
*can only add 1 TOF total
If you add a TOF to a Mach 4 jet to get 4TOF, that turn will not roll over to the Mach 5. You must add the extra turn to get the TOF for each jet.

*Specials must be researched separately and does NOT automatically add to your existing jets. Must take 2 turns to add to your existing jets! -No more than 50 per build!

*stealth is automatically off once you attack
Starting: None
1 turn: 1 Turn hidden (placement)
2 Turn: 2 hidden turns (placement/First strike)
^3 turns: 3 hidden turns (placement/First strike)
^5 turns: line of site (placement/first strike/disappears again if no other enemy aircraft is around it after 1 turn)

All ^ marks means only one country can develop this technology. For any other nation to build it they must receive it in a trade and spend 6 turns to reverse engineer it

Space defense
Training styles

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