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World Leader PBP - 100+

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1World Leader PBP - 100+ Empty World Leader PBP - 100+ on Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:34 am


[title2]World leaders - PBP[/title2]


Disclaimer - This game is run by the game master, yours truly. I have the final say and will draw my rulings from -


In the year 2015, all the nations of the world agreed to a resolution that would do away with all weapons. Down to every last pistol, to every last tank. NATO, and the EU disbanded. They were no longer needed. World peace was achieved. Was. A year later, a terrorist group, calling themselves the Shuda, smithed their own guns and launched attacks on all nations of the world. This act shook the resolution to it's core. Many nations began to pull out. Including world powers such as Canada and North Korea. The only treaties and agreement that would remain in place is the ones made without the intervention of the UN. (The Geneva convention is mutually agreed to stay in place.)

Some nations have begun to rearm themselves. Either to conquer the world or defend from foreign powers. In doing this, they sparked paronia out of their neighbors, starting an arms race.

[title]Game start[/title]

The game will begin after three countries have given an acceptance speech for becoming the next leader of the country (Of your choosing.) and a history of how you came to power. In this speech, you can outline your goals, how your foreign policy will be and your starting bonus. After that, you must tackle the world as a leader. Will you be a peaceful ruler? Or tyrant? Only you know.

Examples of starting bonus: (Must be specific.)

Naval - Best destroyers, Carriers, ETC.
Army - Special forces, Tanks, Infantry, engineers, snipers, ETC.
Air force - Fighters, bombers, ETC>
Scientific/Cultural/Any addition that would benefit your country.

[title]NPC/Random events[/title]

These countries are NPCs. They are controlled by the Game Masters.

North Korea

Random events:

Weather, NPC countries, terrorist organizations can and will do anything. They are controlled by the GM.

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Terra Tories:
New Zealand

Population: 109 Million

Countdown timer: 1

Androids are put aboard the MARS craft.

With the completion of the stadium, we'd like to hold a war games competition at it. Each nation is welcome to participate in it. There will be 5 different scenarios, and the team that wins the most will gain special rewards. Beginning... Sometime?

Available Forces:
100k Elite Infantry
90 Hover Tanks
150 Grizzly APCs
8 DTTs

Recruitment - 3T (10k troops, 2 DTTs)

General RayMan
Phalanx is being installed on all ships (1 turns)

Implanting Zumwalt technology to destroyers (1 turns)

4D Cybersecurity is put in place, with operators controlling cyberspace.


Troop Action:
Operation Haldir
Operation Gothmog
Operation Mirror of Galadriel
Operation Galadhrim (19 turns) (45k remain)

Political: The UPAA wish to speak with the following:

(Orange = NPC, GM required)

We would like to ask the islands of Tonga, the Cook Islands, and the Society isles to join us.

Brazil: You should allow the Templars to take care of your security.

American Contingent: We would promise the security of your nation if you did accept the offer.

The Coalition: We believe it would be the best if all of our countries could combine to create an international space association in order to learn more about space and possible colonisation to other planets.


20,000 Infantry (1 turns)
25 Tanks (2 turns)
2 Destroyer-Transport Hybrids (3 turns)
25 Fighter Jets (1 turns)
10 Submarines (complete)
20 Ospreys (2 turns)

Making all submarines and tanks handle pressure better (1 turns)
Implanting Project Numenor into tanks. (2 turns)
Project Aye is being attached to the Project Mars craft (1 turns)

All cities: 25 AA Guns, Naval Mines. Erebor - Hawaii, Gondolin - NZ, Utumno - Antarctica
20k Vanguard each at NZ and Fiji, 8k at Hawaii

Longer Artillery Range (3 turns)
Project Saruman (3 turns)

National Guard
200,200 Infantry - Enhanced
20,000 Special Forces - Enhanced Suits
215 Hover Tanks
130 Artillery
95 Mach-3 Jets
95 Submarines
18 Destroyer-Transport Hybrids
120 Ospreys
9 Littoral Ships

    November1Fleet: Antartica
  • 55 Submarines
  • 3 Aircraft Carriers

    • 210 Fighters
    • 90 Ospreys

  • 24 Destroyer-Transport Hybrids

    • 90k Infantry - 55k Enhanced
    • 15k Special Forces - Enhanced Suits
    • 125 Hovertanks

  • 6 Frigates

    Catullus Fleet: Hawaii
  • 3 Aircraft Carriers

    • 270 Fighters
    • 30 Ospreys

  • 55 Submarines
  • 24 Destroyer-Transport Hybrids

    • 105k Infantry - 80k Enhanced
    • 100 Hover Tanks

  • 6 Frigates

    Foxtrot Fleet: Fiji
  • 3 Aircraft Carriers

    • 240 Fighters
    • 60 Ospreys

  • 55 Submarines
  • 24 Destroyer-Transport Hybrids

    • 105k Infantry - Enhanced
    • 100 Hover Tanks
    • 6 Frigates

Obcultus Cognitio (Firewall)
Solar Powered Ships
Human Ability Enhancing Suits
Destroyer-Transport Hybrids
Missile Jamming Defence System
Advanced Radar Stealth
VTOL Tech on tanks
Advanced Naval Targeting
Faster Ships
Supercomputer Tech
Advanced Ground to Space Targeting
Artillery on Destroyers
Realistic Combat Simulators
'Frictionless' Guns (using magnets)
Project MARS: Contains a lot.
Stronger Steel
Better Armour Curves.
Jet Packs
Sleep Is For The Weak
Steel can handle pressure better

-(Secret Move)-

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